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WEN Technology, Inc. was founded in 1994 based on extensive experience in metal-cutting process monitoring and industrial sensor applications.  The company has built on this foundation with a dual focus on  - monitoring systems for industrial process machinery, and  - magnetic gripping systems for holding and handling.  With strong engineering capabilities and a focus on turnkey solutions, custom engineered projects are welcomed. The company operates as two divisions –

  • WENmagnetics
    Specializing in magnetic chucks, lifters and accessories for metalworking industry, our magnetics group is an industry leader in the design and implementation of high power electro-permanent magnetic clamping systems.  Applications include milling, turning, grinding and EDM for parts ranging from plates to molds to 5-axis machining of details to hard turning of bearing rings to robotic handling of coke oven lids at 300°F.
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  • WENsensors
    Specializing in supervisory control and protective monitoring of rotating machinery, our sensors group supports Unipower® load monitors and TorqSense® precision non-contact rotary torque transducers.  Applications range for dry-run protection of pumps to jam protection of conveyors to overload protection of hoists to tension control of automated strapping machines to quality control of medical stents.
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