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Motor Load Monitors, Controllers, Transducers for process control, machinery protection and load measurement.

Unipower units measure “true” power consumed by motors driving machinery or processes and are –

  • simple to install – typically in an electrical cabinet with the motor starter
  • linear – “true” power is directly proportional to the work being done
  • robust – virtually impossible to “break”

The program covers fixed and variable frequency drives, symmetric and asymmetric loading, DIN-rail and panel mount formats.

Common applications include –

  • dry run protection of pumps
  • overload protection of hoists
  • tension control of strapping machines
  • cycle start/stop/loss-of-load detection
  • “electronic” shear pin protection of machinery
  • feed control of crushers / viscosity control in mixing
  • conveyors overload / shock-load / jam detection & clearing by reversal

Unipower units are very cost effective, extremely reliable, surprisingly sensitive and quick!

Unipower is a product of Hydria Electronic of Denmark and is used / available / supported worldwide.