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MLX Series magnetic lifters

Combining the latest developments in neodymium rare-earthLifting-Magnets-HP
permanent magnets with careful design provides the optimum
combination of exceptional lifting capacity in compact, easily
handled lifters.

The series comprises four models for vertical lifting of flats and
bars plus two additional configurations for horizontal loading.

MLX lifters are manually actuated using a hand operated lever –
in the off state they are de-energized and non-magnetic, while
in the on state the magnetic energy is absorbed by the load.
This design is safe – no stray magnetism – and flexible – no
power required, complete flexibility of use.




Electro-Permanent magnetic lifters

WEN E-P Magnetic Lifters use E-P technology for safe, reliable,
battery-free operation in your facility for safely handling loads,
from 2 Tonnes to 60 Tonnes, and beyond.