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WEN Technology


Radial-Pole Magnetic Chucks



  • No obstructing chuck jaws – clamping achieved of the bottom face only
  • ID and OD finished in the same operation – promotes concentricity & perpendicularity
  • Doesn’t distort or squeeze the part like traditional clamps


Optional Top Tooling

  • If needed self shimming pole extensions can be used to clamp the part in the “free state” to prevent warping
  • Fixed pole extensions can be used to raise the part off the surface of the magnet increasing tool access to the full OD and ID faces


Multiple Connection Options

  • Through-spindle rotary electrical connections for full machine integration
  • External connector for simple installation/retrofit


Advanced Control

  • Contains all fail-safe features of WEN square pole chuck controls
  • Independent verification of magnetization
  • Cycle start inhibit if chuck is not fully magnetized
  • Chuck status light tower


Electro-Permanent Magnetic Circuit

  • Permanent Magnets hold the part, if electrical power fails, the chuck will not let go of the part
  • Single-Magnet circuit available for high alloy/hard parts – fully demagnetizes work-piece, and it will not have any residual magnetism
  • Double-Magnet circuit available for maximum holding force