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WEN Technology

Magnetic Chucks

WEN magnetic chucks are the most reliable in the industry because of their unique construction, coupled with WEN’s patented Intelligent Control Technology.  In the unlikely event your WEN system needs service, all repairs are performed in North Carolina, providing a swift turnaround, returning your repaired system in as-new condition.

WEN services all brands of elector-permanent magnetic chucks, from simple connector replacement to full rebuilds.  A non-WEN chuck, rebuilt by WEN in North Carolina will be upgraded to WEN standards for a more reliable package.  All steel will have anti-corrosion plating, WEN specification rare earth magnets, dual resin fill under vacuum, and be fit with positive-contact connectors/cables.  All rebuilt and repaired items come with a two-year guarantee.



WEN is continually improving the Intelligent Control Technology – if you have an older WEN control that is damaged or needs updating, it can be returned and brought up to the latest standard for minimal cost.


Cables & Connectors

Almost all damage to magnetic chucks and controls can be traced back to damaged connectors or cables.  It is imperative any connection that shows damage be replaced.  Please visit the parts store to buy replacement cables and connectors.