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NG70 Neo-Grid milling chuck

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The NG70 Neo-Grid milling chuck features standard poles, making it suitable for larger parts. With 2.75-inch square poles, it is best suited for workpieces at least 13 inches by 13 inches and 0.75 inches thick. The chuck boasts a fail-safe electro-permanent magnetic circuit, making it pallet-compatible. Additionally, it is compatible with a complete series of top tooling options for precise workpiece location.

Neo-Grid milling chucks offers several advantages:

  1. Precision: The magnetic poles ensure accurate workpiece positioning, critical for machining operations.
  2. Fail-Safe Design: The electro-permanent magnetic circuit provides holding force even during power loss.
  3. Pallet Compatibility: Ideal for automated setups, it’s compatible with pallet systems.
  4. Versatility: Available in various sizes, it suits a wide range of workpieces.

All NG series chucks are available in two “magnetic powers”

  • M1 standard power – suitable for larger parts with good contact surfaces
  • M2 high power – preferred for optimal performance with high alloy, high hardness steels, cast irons, small or irregular parts, and/or cast, forged, or sawn surfaces.


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